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The Auction

We had such a great response at the LIVE AUCTION in May 2019 that we decided to give an ONLINE AUCTION a try.!  Orill's Auctions will host this event and create a complete showcase of our quilts.  

We need 50 quilts to create this ONLINE showcase and each quilt will need to be photographed and properly described before we can set a date for the auction.  

What's in it for me?

This is a great opportunity for you to get some cash for all of your beautiful work and to let someone who will truly appreciate it have an opportunity to buy it!  It's also a great way to support your favorite quilting charity.   This is a great way to fund our charitable activities.   You can designate the proceeds from the sale of your quilt to an in-house charity, like "Quilting for Others" if you so choose.

What are the rules?

Bring your quilt(s) to any regular VQG meeting.  Jeri Kennedy or Linda Boman will handle them for you.  They will need to have a label and please complete the attached submission form so that we can describe your quilt and your charity appropriately.  The Auction house will take 30% of the sale price and handle the transaction.  You will receive 70% of the sale price. 

What else?

This is a no reserve auction.  That means that your quilt can go for any price.  Orill's will do their best to create interest, but we have no idea if your quilt will sell or for how much.  

If your quilt doesn't sell it will be returned to you.  

Submission Form

The submission for is attached.  Please bring this with your quilt when you hand it over. If you have already submitted the quilt... THANKS!.   Just click below and email the form, or mail the form to Jeri Kennedy  PO Box 261880, Encino, CA. 91426.  

Submission Form

Orill (docx)