The Results of the ONLINE Auction

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Online Auction. 

We received 37 Quilts for the online Auction!  Our Auction began on February 1, 2020 and ran through March 31, 2020! 

The Auction made $2,010.00.  After the 30% to the Auction House, participating members netted $1407.00. 

If you placed a quilt in the auction a check will be coming to you.  If you choose to give the proceeds to the guild, do not cash the check and/or contact Sue Merrell at suemerrell12@gmail.com

The rules of this auction were simple?

The Auction house will took 30% of the sale price and handled the transaction.  The quiltmaker (owner) received 70% of the sales price.   The proceeds were expected to keep the charitable work of the quiltmakers going!

Comments on this first attempt at an ONLINE sale

This was a no reserve auction.  That means that quilts sold for any price.  The bidding was in $5.00 increments.  The auction house completed the sales transactions and shipped the quilts. 

The auction house required the bidders to place give a credit card upfront in order to fully review the quilts with their descriptions. 

VQG members took the pictures and wrote the appropriate descriptions of the quilts. 

Orrill's placed the quilts on their site and sent out their online newsletter to their membership advising of the sale.  VQG advertised on "The Patch" an online neighborhood site for 5 days before the close of the sale.  

It was impossible to predict which quilts would sell and for how much.  For those members and groups who put up several quilts, they found that one quilt sold as expected or better than expected, while others were under valued.  However, if one in their group sold well, it made up for the lack luster performance of the others.  

For those who placed lovely work on display and found that it sold for very little, we too are disappointed.  However, that's the risk of the ONLINE world.   Several conditions might have contributed to the sales price, but it's impossible to say.  Auctions are a game of chance, so as we advised early in this experiment, it's important that the quilts that are placed in an auction do not have a sentimental value.