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Patt Blair Fabric Artist and Quilter


A Painter's Path to Quilting

This title sounds pretty straightforward but Patt  says she’s not that mentally tidy!  Patt proclaims to be in constant  battle between left and right brain, and says “that’s not all bad as it  keeps a minute amount of order in an otherwise fiber scrappy lifestyle.”    Patt says that’s a nice way of saying she’s messy.  

Having begun her art path painting oils, then watercolors, Patt’s  quilting art focuses largely on life images.. especially the simple ones  she says… the ones with heartwarming or powerful messages.  Most of  Patt’s work includes a being with a heartbeat. She says: “It seems to  give life to the work.”  

This lecture includes slides and samples of Patt’s pathway into art  quilting. Patt addresses the application of traditional art media into  quilting, new materials developed for quilting, tips and examples of  machine quilting techniques that support the message in the quilt top,  and finally, some ways to finish and hang quilts intended for wall  display.  

Patt also says “I might tell a corny joke or two. It’s my disease!”   

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Can you believe this little quilt top is created using fabric, napkin and kleenex tissues, stamps ,stencils, marking pens and pencils. You will design your own whimsical version of what you chose to adhere to fabric. All will be beautiful. I will bring several types of napkins, tissues, and stamps for you to play with but I encourage you bring something you love too. You’ll chose items, lay them around on your fabric piece 'til you are ‘happy’, then adhere them to your art quilt top with my instruction.

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Dates and Times

Friday, September 13

9AM Start (come early to set up your machine) 

First Congregational Church of Northridge 

9659 Balboa Blvd, Northridge, CA 91325

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